Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's the point of having them if you aren't going to use them?

Another refashion ALREADY? I've got a million irons in the fire and lots of stuff I eventually want to blog about, but getting to the completion part is always the hard part. Clothes are easy!

So, I'm pretty sure you'll notice right away the problem with today's shirt:

This is an American Eagle Outfitters size small, and I am many things, but small isn't one of them.  You can't really tell from this picture, but it was pretty tight across the bust. There are three tiny pleats just below the band, and I decided to take advantage of this.

Looks a little off-center there, 8-year-old Chinese girl who probably made this shirt.
The hardest part of refashioning, as I've recently learned, is making the first cut. Because in you're head it's all "THIS COULD GO HORRIBLY WRONG!!!" But, you know, it probably won't, and even if it does, the shirt only cost me $3.50 from the Juniors rack at Goodwill.

So I cut it down the middle and pinned it, like so. This moved the eyelet on one side to the inside, and I intended to do the same on the other side to make it even, but it didn't hang well when I did, so I just let it be uneven and undid the stitches over the cord so the drawstring still works. Because it's such a narrow turn, I hand-basted the fabric into place and then top stitched it by machine.

Oh good, you cleaned the machine!

Actually, truth be told, it's a different machine. LOOK I HAVE A LOT OF THEM, OKAY?! This one already had red thread in it from sewing some pillows earlier this week.


Taking a picture of yourself in a mirror is actually pretty hard. I miss my dedicated little child photographers, but they're visiting grandparents this week. Hence the actually getting around to sewing pillows. Now this shirt has a bit more breathing room and it was comfy for an evening of gardening and going for a walk with Neal who told me I looked like a bar wench. Whatever, that's totally a southwestern thing they're going for there, but drinks sound like a terrific idea!

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