Friday, August 10, 2012

All of this has happened before and will happen again.

It seemed like the right time to make a post. Life has been go go go as summer always is, but we have some wonderful memories to show for all the effort. Like... uh... okay it's pretty much been week after week of driving kids to various summer camps, sports camps, making sure they have 982374928374982734 water bottles to take with them to said camps and sporadically remembering to douse them with sunscreen before sending them off for the day. So the time for crafting is scant, but luckily there were all those pre-wedding crafts to get me through!

Second verse, same as the first. I needed shoes to go with my white dress, and while I had perfectly good shoes I could have worn, where's the fun in that? Fun, pinterest has led me to believe, equals mod podging glitter to things. SO HERE IS WHAT I DID!

Step one, find shoes:

I'm pretty sure all my shoes are from Target.

I liked them red, but honestly I never wear heels anymore (*gasp*), and even if I did, I have plenty of OTHER red shoes. I'd found this picture of more Kate Spade shoes and I was hoping for a similar effect, but for a lot less. 

Only $325!

Next comes the felt brush, the Mod Podge and the gobs of glitter.

Total cost of glitter? $2.75.

I didn't photograph the process, but it pretty much involved the same as the last shoes I glittered. Keep adding coats until they're completely covered. 

Sparklier and sparklier...

For the parts that were still red, I rubbed them down with gold Rub and Buff.

About $5 a tube, but I had a 40% off coupon.

Rubbed AND Buffed.

I thought about adding the bows and had glittery ribbon to do so, but in the end I decided that would just be too much. All set for the big day!

Well with a floor like that, what would look bad really?

Just the right touch of sparkle!

He's lucky I didn't do his shoes, too!

You can tell how he's totally thinking how glad he is to have a wife who mod podges everything with glitter, right? No? He's thinking about ducks? Ducks on a trampoline? 


Maybe I can mod podge them some glittery hats!


  1. I was thinking glittery ducks on trampolines... is that possible?

  2. With enough wine WHO COULD STOP ME?? :-O

  3. I'll supply the wine and glitter, you supply the duck and trampoline!

  4. Sadly I can no longer legally supply ducks.