Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Problem with Pants

As anyone who knows me could tell you, I'm not a big fan of pants. Yoga pants, sure, and I'm pretty sure the whole jeggings trend was started just for me. They LOOK like pants, and you wear them where pants are supposed to go, but they are not, in fact, pants. Every now and again, though, I get the urge to wear jeans. There are nine billion pins a day of these cutely composed outfit centered around a pair of jeans. (And also usually a scarf, but scarves are a topic all their own.) But the big problem I have with jeans is just how hard it is to get a pair that fits right. If the waist is comfortable, the legs aren't long enough. If the legs fit well, then the rise isn't high enough and you either risk a plumber situation every time you bend over or they are far too tight in the crotch. So even though I don't frequently wear jeans, I have probably no less than fifteen pairs in my closet each CLOSE but not quite there.

A good example is this pair of American Eagle Outfitters Super Skinny jeans:

Looking sleek!
Which look great on the model, but on me, it was a little different:

So baggy I could carry groceries in the knees.

I don't know why it took me so long to think to tailor the jeans. I'm used to cutting off hems for the kids, but I never thought to restructure the jeans themselves. UNTIL NOW!

All I did was get a pair of jeans that had legs that fit well (and compared the two.

Another pair of American Eagle Outfitters jeans, but these are just the skinny and not the super skinny. Maybe there was some kind of mixup at the factory? 
The inside seam is flat felled, so I compared the straight stitched edge. Not much difference, and I actually ended up taking them in a bit more by about an inch and a half on the outside seam of each leg. But what a difference it made!

Still comfy up top, but now with a good fit on the leg as well! Hooray! Now I just have like another 14 pairs to go...

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