Monday, November 5, 2012

Ripped From the Archives: Kitchen Edition

Although this blog is newish, I've kept another on a now semi-defunct site currently overrun by Russians and Chinese spammers for TEN YEARS in a little over a week. At nearly 4000 posts, I've had a lot to say. I cringe now at the thought of some of them, but in the world before Pinterest and crafty blogging, I feel like I did pretty well!

This post originated just after I moved into the 90 year old farmhouse I rented between husbands. It was a great house, but hadn't been infused with any love in a long time when I moved in. I like to think I left it better than it was when I got there! This was the first renovation I did after being encouraged by the landlord to "choose whatever colors you like". I'm not sure they meant for the cabinets, but I sure didn't ask for clarification, either. I started on a Wednesday night and by Thursday, it was done!

It was really like a competition of which is uglier: the cabinets, the hardware, the counters, or the back splash  And really here can there be any winners? But look! There was also paneling!

And a whole wall of that tile! 

It was really a tough decision as to what to try to work with and what HAD to go. The floor is decent, and works well enough with the back splash  so I decided to pull the colors from that. Luckily I had some coordinating art, and found some curtains (yes, I bought curtains instead of making them, but I will be making other things to match!). So I decided to start with what was cheap and what theoretically I had time for and paint the walls, cabinets, and salvage the hardware. By Thursday afternoon, here's how it looked:





Everything got primed and then the paneling painted a color called "Ground Cover" and the cabinets "Spanish Moss". For the hardware, I pried off the really dated medieval looking backer plates, scrubbed them down, and spray painted them a satin-finish oil rubbed bronze. 

I spent just under $100 on this when you include the curtains. Here's how it breaks down: 

3 gallons of paint (trim, wall color, and cabinetry               $13.98 each 
1 gallon interior Latex primer                                           $9.88 
1 can spray paint                                                           $2.96 
1 fan chain                                                                    $2 
TSP substitute                                                              $4 
Asst. supplies (brushes, rollers, tape)                             $10 
2 window valances                                                         $14 each 

So, given that investment, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!


Eventually I replaced the table, tweaked the decorative items sitting around, and added art. The big drawbacks to this kitchen were the lack of a dishwasher, and the century old construction and messy plumbing. Also the mice. But it taught me to appreciate the virtues of new construction and the quirky charm of the old. I have great memories of this house, and I hope whoever live there now is as happy as I was. 

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