Sunday, July 7, 2013

So it begins...

Several months ago I started using Bloglovin' to read all the blogs I like to follow, and since I liked the format so much I started following a lot more blogs. The thing that impresses me is not so much all the beautiful homes, smart children, and impressive wardrobes that these lady-bloggers have (after all, my home is great, my children have their moments, and have you seen my closet??), it's how freaking often they can talk themselves into sitting down and writing a post. Honestly I have the best of intentions. I am ALWAYS up to something like what I read about on other blogs, and I'm usually even pretty good about taking pictures of it. What I'm bad at is actually getting around to writing the post. Which I guess is why they're able to support themselves by blogging, and I have to post a link to my Facebook to even have anyone notice.

For example, I wrote that probably three weeks ago and then never finished a post. I don't know why I make it into something so hard in my head, since compared to the ancient days where you had to upload your photos to some server then manually do all the HTML it's really easy. So anyway, I'm going to try to start posting more, but be warned that it will probably just be things from the garden for the foreseeable future. Like this!

One day I was so excited to pick the first summer squash of the season. I ran right inside stopping only to pull up an onion and grab a handful of garlic bubils that I'd recently harvested.

The goods.

Chopped it all up, threw it in a pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

And then ate it all in one sitting. Well, my husband got some, and even though he's not a big summer squash fan, he did like it. That's the magic of onions. And Parmesan.

That's summer in a bowl right there.

The hard part was that there had been just ONE squash. Now I'll have to wait like FOREVER to eat more squash. Right?

The next day:


Just kidding. This took like two days. And now that the zucchini has started as well there is no way that even an enthusiastic squash eater such as myself can keep up. But I sure will try!

That took like ten minutes. What is wrong with me? (Please don't answer that)

And, in case you like Bloglovin' as much as I do, I added a big ole button over on the right so you can follow my blog there.

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